Journey Christian Church partners with mom and dads by helping kids love God, love others, develop and grow a stronger relationship with Christ through prayer and God’s word and apply teachings of the Bible to everyday life through the Journeytown children’s services each weekend. Journeytown is structured to appropriately meet the needs of the kids at their various ages.
Kids love Journeytown because the learning environments are fun and our volunteers take time to get to know the kids. Parents love Journeytown because of the educational nature of the kids’ learning environments and the safety of their kids.
Journey Christian Church leadership, Journeytown staff, and volunteers highly prioritize the safety, and do the best to ensure that kids are receiving high quality, interactive teaching.


Journeytown Nursery welcomes newborns to two year olds. Our experienced educators and trained volunteers give babies the special care they need while parents participate in Worship. Even the babies are taught simple Bible Truths, through music and other fun activities. Journeytown Nursery encourages the “well-baby” policy, sick one’s need to stay home and get well.


Journeytown Toddlers is the learning environment for kids who are between two and five years old. This is a high energy, high activity, and fun class where kids learn through music and creativity. Our high-energy volunteers do the best to keep up with this group of kids while impacting their lives by teaching biblical principles effectively.